Congratulations to High School Scholarship 2021 Winners
Sofia Caruso
John Coletti
Daniel Sena
Congratulations to College Scholarship 2021 Winners
Michael A. Angeletti
Louis Joseph Balsamo
Arianna Bonanno
Lucas Conca
Christian D’Amora
Nitholas Florentino
Nicholas Harsch
Eamon Hendry
Thomas Serra
Michael D. Trivino
Henry Villa
Columbia Association Scholarship Eligibility
    1. CHILDREN OF: (A). Active members of the Association in good standing and are members for at least 5 years. (B). Deceased members who were members in good standing at the time of death. (C). Retired members who maintain continuous membership in retirement.
    2. If attending a tuition free school, the Scholarship will be awarded to the next eligible child.
    3. Applicants must be in their 8th or 12th grade graduating class of 2021.
    4. Winners must be enrolled in High School/College for the term of September 2021.
    5. Qualified, independent educators will conduct, and are the sole judges in rating, these examinations.
    6. Decisions on eligibility rest solely with the Columbia Association Board Officers.

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