Jason Rappaport

Jason E. Rappaport, NMLS #21357
National Manager – Affinity Lending Division
Berkshire Bank – America’s Most Exciting Bank®
Life is exciting. Let us help.

For more information contact the NYPD Liaison listed below:

Jason Rappaport
TEXT or Call: 516-351-8040
email: jrappaport@berkshirebank.com


  1. NYPD employees may be eligible for bank portfolio program which may offer lower interest rates
  2. FREE Priority Buyer Letter which may provide you with more leverage with your realtor than a simple pre-qualification letter
  3. FasTTrack program available to Columbia Association members when your transaction requires a FAST approval and/or closing
  4. Access to DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE programs that may enable you to save money on your purchase
  5. LOW down payment options with minimal closing costs


  1. Debt consolidation – Use your home equity to consolidate your credit cards, student loans, and other debts into one low monthly payment
  2. Home improvements – Use your home equity to make home improvements to your home
  3. Cash out – Use your home equity to pay tuition for yourself, your children, or other purposes such as buying an investment property or a second home


  1. Lower your current interest rate and monthly payment
  2. Reduce your mortgage from a 30 year loan to a 20 or 15 year loan which can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars of interest

(If you have already been pre-approved or have applied with another lender and it is taking too long or you are not happy with the interest rate being offered to you please contact your NYPD Liaison, Jason Rappaport atjrappaport@berkshirebank.com or TEXT / CALL to 516-351-8040)

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